Youth Directory

Welcome to Carrolls Elementary School.  We are a small and close community where learning in a positive environment is our top priority.  At  Carrolls, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent education to every student in our learning community.  Our staff is committed to modeling and expecting actions that are respectful, responsible, and reasonable.  These 3 R’s of success serve as a foundation for our work.  We are committed to serving our learning community in a professional and positive manner.  Our staff members are dedicated to providing students with active, meaningful learning

We take pride in being at team; together we build winners!  At Cascade, we believe that all students are capable of learning, developing values, and achieving personal growth. We believe that it is the staff’s responsibility to provide a safe environment in which the unique needs of middle school students are met and to ensure that learning and growth takes place.

The Castle Rock CARE Coalition is dedicated to mobilizing the community and the community's human resources in fostering positive values and healthy lifestyles in order to influence and empower our youth and adults to live drug free, make responsible choices, and to become productive citizens.

At Castle Rock Christian Church we shall perform all our ministries for the purpose of outreach to the winning of lost souls through the Word of God as translated and understood from its purist form. We seek to reach out with Christ's love and grace to both the lost souls outside the family of God as well as those within. We strive to lift up each one to be a true, shining light, for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, reaching out to all through Jesus Christ for God's glory.

In partnership with families and the community, our mission at Castle Rock Elementary is to empower all students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

The Castle Rock Exhibit Hall and Visitors Center, located in a large white building on Front Avenue, features exhibits that convey the impact of the Mount St. Helens eruption on the area. As a historical museum there are displays on logging and rivers as well as Mount St. Helens. Exhibits include a working replica of a sawmill and a steam tractor. Other exhibits include logging equipment and historical photographs.

The goal of the Castle Rock High School staff is for students to be college and career ready when they leave us, and ready to be knowledgeable and productive citizens. Part of the education at Castle Rock High School includes learning how to successfully function in society and in a workplace, which includes following expectations and appropriate standards of behavior.

Services Provided: Provides free food boxes every Thursday from 1:00 – 2:00 PM. Must be a resident of Castle Rock or Toutle and in need of food. Just walk in.

Our vision statement: "As a group of believers, who in response to God's presence in our lives and Christ's love for us and others, have become a redemptive community of faith; we seek to be a witness for Jesus Christ in our world by becoming part of God's efforts to heal a broken world, by bringing others to Christ, and by being an advocate for forgiveness, justice and reconciliation."  Our mission statement: "Following Christ's example, we welcome all on a spiritual journey in order to be and to make disciples for Jesus Christ."