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Environmental Health
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(360) 414-5599

Currently, environmental health services are divided between two county agencies: The Health Department and the Building & Planning Department. The Health Department is responsible for food safety, group b water systems, chemical/physical hazards, recreational water safety, and zoonotic disease control and investigations. The Building & Planning Department is responsible for onsite sewage, solid waste, and one or two-house water systems. Please see below for more details:

Health Department

Food Safety:  Restaurant Inspection Reports; Food Complaints and Food-borne Illness Investigations; Food Service Inspections; Plan Review Process; Temporary Food Permits; Consumer Food Safety; Food Establishment Permits (restaurants, grocery stores, taverns, etc.)

Chemical/Physical Hazards: Methamphetamine lab site clean-up

Living Environment : Recreational water safety – public or semipublic pools and spas; Zoonotic Diseases/Vector Control (diseases that are carried and spread to humans by animals or pests). Bats, rats, and mice control information. Mosquito Control District (mosquito complaints and control), West Nile Virus – dead bird reporting, animal bites/rabies

Building and Planning:

 Onsite Sewage (septic tank permits, sewage complaints)

 Solid Waste (solid waste, garbage complaints, landfill, permitting)

 One or two-house water system development

 RV Parks (permits and inspections)

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