Health and Wellness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response (PHEPR)- Cowlitz County Health Department

This program is a comprehensive network of public health professionals functioning to strengthen public health infrastructure in preparation for any natural or human made disaster. Key focus areas include preparedness planning and readiness; surveillance and epidemiological capacity; communications; risk communication and health information dissemination; and education and training.


Syringe Exchange - Cowlitz County Health Department

The Syringe Exchange Program is a free public health program for intravenous drug users. It is an important component of a comprehensive set of programs designed to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDA and other blood borne infections among injection drug users, their families and contaminated syringes. Important risk reduction information is provided and a social worker is available to help drug users get into drug treatment and health care programs. Other services are sometimes provided, including HIV testing. Syringe Exchange is NOT located at the Health Department.


Alcohol/Substance Abuse Support - Various

Alcoholics Anonymous – (360) 423-2520

Al Anon/Alateem – (360) 423-2520

Narcotics Anonymous – (360) 703-0120

24-Hour Addiction Referral Network: 1-800-577-4393

Recovery Help Line (24-Hour Help Line for Substance Abuse-WA) – 1-866-789-1511

Special help line for teens (24-Hour Help Line for Substance Abuse-WA) – 1-866-833-6546

Counseling/Support Groups; Call for meeting locations.


Volunteer Chore Services - Catholic Community Services Family Center

Volunteer Chore Services is committed to helping elders and adults with disabilities remain independent in their own homes through a network of caring community members. Services provided include:  Housework, Cooking, Laundry, Communications,Shopping/errands, Household Repairs, Transportation, Monitoring, Yard Work, Wood Provision, Respite, Some kinds of Personal Care, Minor Home Repair, Protective Supervision, Moving Assistance


Hello Life Recovery

Our non-profit organization is called Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services and we are based in Longview, WA. It is our mission and goal to help all people wanting and striving or who are considering recovering from an eating order, help those struggling with body image and help those learn to love themselves. We serve the greater Southwest Washington and run online support groups worldwide. We believe that recovery is not about the food or the weight, but about self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.