Continuing Education for Caregivers - Lower Columbia College

The Continuing Education Department offers health, safety, prevention and wellness education. Courses address issues relevant to caregivers and the clients they serve as well as other health care providers and family caregivers. Most classes and programs are offered at a minimal fee. For more information or a current list of classes, call 442-2602.


S.L. Start and Associates, Inc.

Offers the following services to individuals interested in entering or re-entering the workforce. They provide comprehensive services including assessment, job placement, and on-the-job support. They assist employers in competently supporting employees with disabilities. They also work to teach people the skills they need to get and keep jobs on their own. Services offered: Brief Vocational Assessment; Situational Assessment; Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation; Job Placement; Job Coaching; General Job Placement and Retention; Specialized Job Placement


Goodwill Work Opportunity Center of Cowlitz County

Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Job Placement and Retention Services, including Job Coaching if needed. Potential clients would apply for vocational services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and once accepted would request that the Work Opportunity Center of Cowlitz County be their employment vendor. Staff is fluent in ASL.

Individual Supported Employment. Long term job retention services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, including Job Coaching. Referral is made by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.


Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) - Department of Social and Health Services

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) provides employment services and counseling to individuals with disabilities who want to work but experience barriers to work because of a physical, sensory, and/or mental disability. A DVR counselor works with each person to develop a customized plan of services designed to help them reach their employment goal. DVR assistance may include, but is not limited to the following: Counseling and Guidance; Assessment Services; Independent Living Services; Assistive Technology Services; Training and Education; Job-related Services


National Guard

The National Guard serves both state and federal governments. While the Guard originally focused on protecting local communities, it eventually grew into a force that complements the Active Duty Army when help is needed anywhere in the world. The biggest difference compared to other branches is that while Guard units are combat-trained and can be deployed overseas, they are just as likely to serve in their home communities.

During local emergencies, Guard units assist residents endangered by storms, floods, fires and other disasters. Guard units deployed overseas may experience combat. Others may use expertise gained in civilian careers to build schools and hospitals, train local peacekeepers, or teach local farmers how to use land more efficiently.

Typically, Guard Soldiers live at home, where they can be near friends and family while holding a civilian job. Drill is scheduled just one weekend each month. Two-week annual training takes place once each year. Drill and annual training provide Soldiers the opportunity to practice their skills, which helps keep units trained and ready for action at all times.

Aprende los fundamentos de la Guardia Nacional