Police Departments

Offender Services Division - Cowlitz County Corrections Department

The Offender Services Division offers a wide variety of alternative sentencing options to Judges and offenders which include: Electronic Home Monitoring; Day Reporting; Community Service;  Pretrial Release Supervision; Inmate Counseling Services; Inmate Educational Programs; Work Release; In Custody Work Crew; Out-of-Custody Work Crew

Fees vary per program. Please call for specific information. Offenders must bring a court ordered referral slip to the Offender Services office. All offenders will be required to pass a UA before they are eligible for the program.


Castle Rock Police Department

On behalf of the City of Castle Rock Police Department it is our pleasure to serve you. The police department is continuously striving to provide you with the professional level of service you have come to expect. Through our website we hope to provide you with useful and convent resources including a sex-offender registry, downloadable documents, and resources, to name a few. We are striving to meet our communities ever changing needs and I hope you will find this resource a valuable one.