Castle Rock School District


Castle Rock School District
600 Huntington Avenue South
98611 Castle Rock , WA
Phone: 360.501.2940





M/F 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Our Board of Directors is determined that no Castle Rock child shall fail into adulthood. Our goal is to teach every student to think; our charge is to help every student succeed. Our dedicated staff teams work together to align teaching methods with a cohesive vertical and horizontal curriculum, steadily increasing rigor and creating a synergy that provides academic challenge for every student. For more than 120 years, Castle Rock schools have maintained vitality and capacity to meet the needs of our students; preparing them for the challenges and complexities in a world of rapidly advancing technologies and expanding global economies. A supportive network of parents, partner businesses, volunteers and active seniors has forged many connections with our schools and programs that enrich our students’ educational experience and open doors to their future