Parent Resources

The 1414 Club has been a mainstay for people in recovery and their families in the greater Longview/Kelso area since 1988. 83 people in the community joined together who were affected by substance abuse. They banded together with hard work, time and their own money to fund a building that would house facilities for any type of 12-Step meetings on a permanent basis. Hundreds of people, from all walks of life, have found the support they need to maintain their personal program of recovery. The 1414 Club provides 3 meeting rooms for various 12 step programs.

“Every child has inside him an aching void for excitement and if we don’t fill it
with something which is exciting and interesting and good for him, he will fill it with
something which is exciting and interesting and which isn’t good for him.” -- Theodore Roosevelt

To develop capable, caring, contributing citizens through research-based, guided adventure exploration and experiential learning models. We accomplish our mission by building life skills using the natural environment and adventure-based activities within a full value community.

PeaceHealth Medical Group has a comprehensive system of care that serves children, adolescents, adults and seniors struggling with issues of chemical dependency and/or emotional distress. Our providers are experienced medical doctors, advance registered nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers:

A Child's Place serves families with children who need professional assistance with behavioral or emotional issues.

Our joy is seeing you and your family experience not just life, but the ABUNDANT Life of Jesus Christ!

Core Values: Passionate Worship - Cultivating an atmosphere of genuine devotion to God; Authentic Discipleship - Continual development of Christlike character; Spirit-Dependent Lives - Surrendering our lives to the control of the Holy Spirit; Meaningful Relationships -  Providing opportunities for dynamic fellowship; A Spirit of Service -  Everyone equipped and active in ministry

The Adult-Marital-Family-Child Counseling Center has individual and family counseling, with specialization in marital therapy. Also, specialize in survivors of sexual abuse and sex offenders

Activities held at Longview and elementary schools. Stations of activities include: homework, reading, games, crafts, sports and occasional guest speakers. Scholarship and reduced payment programs available to qualifying families. After School Program until 5:30 PM at Kessler and St. Helens, and 5:45 at Columbia Valley Gardens Elementary. Before /After School Programs from 7:00 to 8:45 AM and 3:30 to 6:00 PM at Robert Gray. Go to to register online.

Are You Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Turn Anymore Due to Your Own, or Someone Else’s Alcohol or Drug Use?  You Are Not Alone!  We are Here to Help!

Alcohol, substance or drug addiction are incredibly confusing, overwhelming and extremely painful times for both the person addicted and their loved ones. It can be difficult to know where to  turn and how to go about getting help. We encourage you to pick up the phone and call 206-722-3700.

Alcoholics Anonymous – (360) 423-2520

Al Anon/Alateem – (360) 423-2520

Narcotics Anonymous – (360) 703-0120

24-Hour Addiction Referral Network: 1-800-577-4393

Recovery Help Line (24-Hour Help Line for Substance Abuse-WA) – 1-866-789-1511

Special help line for teens (24-Hour Help Line for Substance Abuse-WA) – 1-866-833-6546

Counseling/Support Groups; Call for meeting locations.